Nintendo remains mum after hackers reveal the Wii U CPU and GPU specs?


If you are like me and you have read the news of late you would have come across the very disturbing news that came out a few weeks ago about the Wii U hack by a guy who goes by the name Marcan. In less than a month of the Wii U launch it had already been hacked? Yes, but the very interesting thing about the hack is that the truth about the Wii U CPU and GPU speed is now out in the open and everyone who has itched to know what was inside the console pretty much know about it now, even though we have not gotten an official word from Nintendo confirming or denying it.


 According to the hacker who goes by the name Marcan, the Wii U is using a Tri-core (3 cores) PowerPC 750 type CPU which is very similar to Wii’s Broadway, but with more cache. Every one of that CPU is running at 1.243125GHz. As for the GPU the hacker revealed that it is running at 549.999755MHz.  The system also comes with 2 Gigabyte of RAM and 1GB of that RAM is dedicated to the OS while the remaining 1GB is left for games.


My major concern and reason for writing this is that what is Nintendo saying about it? What are they doing about this? I was hoping to hear something from Nintendo about this but up till now they have not said anything. Nintendo needs to address the public on this. They need to give us confidence that their console will not turn into a hacker’s toy. We as consumers don’t want developers to shy away from the console like they did with the Wii. Maybe am asking too much here, but I believe somebody out there shares the same view with me. Please, drop your comment below if you feel the same way I feel about this.